Private-based energy company in Midland, TX serving the needs of oil and gas investors in Texas and nationwide.



Diligent and Reliable Operational Capabilities

Lynn Kay Corporation is an ever-growing and leading upstream oil and gas company based in Midland, Texas. We are much more than merely an oil and natural gas company — Lynn Kay Corp actively acquires minerals and royalties.

Our experienced and talented teams, located in the US, are dedicated to efficient and safe operations and products, lowering our carbon footprint and helping others do the same.

Our Approach

Lynn Kay Corporation prides itself on strong and diligent operational capabilities that translate to superior returns for shareholders and investors while being good and responsible stewards of the communities and environment where we operate.

Lynn Kay Corp undertakes many capital improvement initiatives in order to lower the environmental effect of wells and minimize the risk of various environmental incidents.

We have developed extensive assets, expertise, infrastructure, and technology to fuel progress and improve lives all over the world.

Lynn Kay Corporation also wants to be part of the solution, so we are taking bold and responsible steps to innovate new technologies and solutions for a low-carbon future.

Our Experience

Lynn Kay Corp commenced oil and gas operations and managing assets in 1985. Since 1985, we have operated more than 20 wells and drilled over many wells.

Throughout Lynn-Kay Corp’s operational history and efficiency, we are proud and happy to report no lost time and reportable fluid spill incidents.

Our Success

We bring forth an experienced and savvy operating team with environmentally conscious and diligent operations to meet our objectives and goals.

Lynn Kay Corp focuses our efforts on robust drilling and other completion activities and efficient cost controls and production optimization.

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