Private-based energy company in Midland, TX serving the needs of oil and gas investors in Texas and nationwide.

Minerals and Royalties


Lynn-Kay Corp Diligently Acquires and Manages Mineral and Royalty Assets

One of Lynn Kay Corp’s primary priorities is in the royalty, mineral, and working interest subsection of the oil and gas industry. Our competent team analyzes a high rate of investment opportunities and has a proven history and track record of transacting much quicker than anyone else in the industry.

Our Approach

At Lynn Kay Corporation, we believe that the opportunities for our investors and shareholders are substantial. This is because of the fragmented nature and characteristics of the current market. Did you know that currently, publicly traded mineral companies in the US only comprise about 4 percent of total US minerals?

Lynn Kay Corp combines our team, procedures, best practices, and expertise in order to attack de-risked and delineated basins with appropriate and relevant performance data to make the most of the opportunities.

We use technical and acquisition models to swiftly act upon value-oriented growth investments for our shareholders and investors. This proactive and diligent work allows for flexible and selective investment in several areas and projects during multiple market cycles.


Why Choose Lynn-Kay Corp


The management team at Lynn Kay Corp is experienced in selling and buying royalties. We have a well-funded and diversified capital source, and this is important as it ensures that Lynn Kay Corporation has the resources and capital to move quickly in order to close the transaction, whether you are selling a large or small asset.

Technical Expertise

Our technical expertise and knowledge ensure a quick review of your oil and gas assets and, if acceptable, a fair and reasonable offer for both your mineral rights and royalties.

Timely and Smooth Closing Process

We know that you don’t want to wait to get paid. This is why we are committed and dedicated to closing deals within 15 to 30 days of your offer being accepted.

Our Process is Easy and Quick

Lynn Kay Corp buys oil and natural gas royalties and mineral rights in Midland, Texas, and other parts of the US. So, if you’ve a clean title, no encumbrances, and relevant documents and records - royalty statements, lease documents, division orders, and title documents – our team can expedite this process.

Our Success

We have a long and successful track record of acquiring, developing, managing, and monetizing portfolios of both royalty and mineral assets. Lynn-Kay Corporation combines our knowledge derived from our operations as well as non-operated leasehold ownership into a robust and well-defined acquisition model.

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