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Lynn Kay Corporation is a Midland-based company specializing in upstream energy operation and the acquisition as well as the development of oil and natural gas properties since 1985.
International energy demand and tech innovation drive upstream companies to explore incredible new depths in challenging geologic and geographic settings. We are a multi-faceted investment and oil and gas firm, using risk-weighted deal evaluation processes in order to deploy funds into a variety of investment portfolios and theses in the growing and dynamic US energy sector.

As a trusted and reliable name in the energy investment space, our investment portfolios have included and will continue to include non-operated, operated, and mineral and royalty assets in gas and oil, as well as prudent investments in the energy transition sector.

Lynn Kay Corp has a premier and balanced portfolio of assets in the basins where we currently operate. We are also actively pursuing and evaluating opportunities in other basins.


Alternative Investments

A diversified and balanced portfolio of investments

The team at Lynn Kay Corp continuously monitors, assesses, and reacts to factors and variables that influence the energy sector in the US. It is important to recognize cyclical attributes versus secular change. Our in-depth assessment of events, and their current as well as future implications on assets, is deeply ingrained and integrated into all acquisition, development, and management decision-making.

We start the due diligence of target acquisitions with an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of all variables and factors impacting value, including production characteristics, operator quality, commodity price expectations, and future development potential.

We are also taking bold and responsible steps to innovate for a better and lower-carbon future. Lynn Kay Corporation is forging new and innovative pathways in order to lower harmful emissions across our energy operations while offering services and opportunities to help others do the same, with the aim of achieving net zero. Ongoing analysis and evaluation of each asset continue throughout its entire holding period.

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