Private-based energy company in Midland, TX serving the needs of oil and gas investors in Texas and nationwide.

Credit & Structured Capital


Lynn Kay Corp - Credit & Structured Capital

Are you looking for a solution provider? Lynn Kay Corporation is the answer you are looking for. We offer highly creative solutions for traditional equity financing options. Not just that, but we also invest in public-related credit and other opportunities that come with special situations.

Our experts collaborate with other private and public equity teams to invest along with them.


Why Choose Us?

Lynn Kay Corp offers a long-term approach that is focused on partnership and includes other features such as:

  • Custom Made Solution
  • Growth Induced Credit
  • Hybrid Credit
  • Preferred Equity
  • Long-Term Answers

We are committed to growing together! Suppose you are looking for a company that has the same growth mindset as you. In that case, you need to connect with Lynn Kay Corp. Our experts use their creativity to address every situation using different solutions, such as structured preferred equity or other options like convertible debt and warrants.


Allow Us to Support Your Business With Equity or Credit & Structured Capital

We started our operations in 1985 in Midland, Texas; since then, we are firm believers in coming up with multi strategies and investing in top-tier assets for higher returns. We have been able to successfully acquire and develop a large enterprise. Our strategy involves creating a diverse portfolio focused on geologically and geographically improving the outcomes.

We are prepared and motivated to work with new owners and other partners to collaborate and achieve the investment goals we set for us and our partnership.

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