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Lynn Kay Corporation is an ever-growing and leading upstream oil and gas company based in Midland, Texas. We are much more than merely an oil and natural gas company — Lynn-Kay Corp actively acquires minerals and royalties. We also actively invest in oil and gas property development with a private equity alternative investment division.

As an experienced developer and investor in the US energy industry, Lynn Kay Corp consistently achieves superior results for stakeholders and takes pride in being a reliable partner of choice in closing energy and energy-related transactions in all market cycles.

We are involved in the acquisitions, management, and development of lower-risk and low-cost oil and gas mineral interests and royalty interests. Lynn Kay Corporation also holds a selected non-operated working interest within the main oil and natural gas operations in the country. We have been in business since 1985. We actively invest in oil and gas properties with a specific focus on royalty, natural gas, minerals, and non-operated working interests in Texas.

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Guiding Principles

At Lynn Kay Corporation, our passionate people are our greatest and most important asset. Led by skilled and dedicated management, Lynn Kay Corp has several decades of collective experience creating productive and robust ventures throughout the US energy industry.


Responsible Leadership

Lynn Kay Corporation is dedicated to the success and growth of our employees and the overall safety of their workplaces and sites.

Our unique organizational growth strategy depends heavily on leveraging the vast and diverse knowledge of our experts and specialists in the sector to expand the company and use its unique abilities and knowledge along with the scientific and technical expertise of the top-class E&P companies that operate the properties.


Investment Methodology

Although the oil and natural gas industry in the US and worldwide has undergone considerable change over the last 15 to 20 years, our cycle-tested and robust investment methodology has remained constant and stood the test of time.


Vision and Goals

Lynn Kay Corporation has cemented our position within the energy market and has developed a long-term vision to recognize and execute on future investment opportunities that constantly arise in this dynamic and rapidly growing industry segment.

Our main goal is to create and promote a uniform and stable ecosystem which will allow Lynn Kay Corporation to invest our financial resources and time and utilize the vast skills and knowledge of our management staff.


Our History

Founded in 1985, we have successfully acquired, managed, and developed many asset portfolios. Lynn Kay Corporation has successfully monetized several portfolios, generating impressive returns for all our investors through many price cycles and across multiple investment strategies.

Since Lynn Kay Corp’s founding, we have been entrusted with considerable equity capital from notable and highly regarded private capital and venture capital firms.

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What Lynn-Kay Corp Does

We manage investments portfolio and separately managed accounts focused on dynamic and diverse portfolios to meet our investors’ expectations. By leveraging our extensive and knowledgeable on-the-ground network, unparalleled financial expertise, and deep technical knowledge, Lynn Kay Corporation delivers significant risk-adjusted net returns for our valued investors.


Our Team

Lynn Kay Corporation has assembled an excellent team comprising investment, financial, and energy experts with purpose-built systems in order to be an evolving and dynamic energy company in Texas. We exclusively manage and complete all geology, engineering, finance, and land functions with our internal resources.

Our team members have experience and expertise working with hundreds of notable and reputable Exploration and Production (E&P) companies and other interest owners, improving and streamlining the ability to purchase assets directly while maximizing value. Potential asset sellers benefit from our access to capital and experience, and expertise to efficiently and effectively evaluate the assets.

We have made sizable investments in our talented people and processes in order to build a sustainable, dynamic, returns-driven company with the vision and foresight to continue for many decades to come.

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