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Oil and Gas Company Investing in Diversification

Lynn Kay Corporation builds balanced and optimized portfolios of minerals, royalties, and non-operated working interest

Lynn Kay Corporation is a Midland-based company that has been engaged in the acquisition as well as the development of oil and natural gas properties since 1985. We are a privately-held Midland, Texas-based family business engaged in the acquisition and development of oil and gas royalty and mineral interests as well as non-operated working interests.

Lynn Kay Corporation offers value to business owners and investors interested in selling their oil and natural gas interests on the basis of independent engineering estimates.

Being an upstream oil and gas company in Texas, our main focus and expertise are in the royalty, mineral, and working interest segment of the industry. The team at Lynn-Kay Corp analyzes a high rate of opportunities and has a proven track record of transacting quicker and better than anyone else in the industry.

Our management has established an unmatched and exceptional reputation in the oil and natural gas industry as fair and skilled buyer of assets. At Lynn Kay Corp., this continues, and we pride ourselves on our transparent and honest dealings as well as extensive industry experience and knowledge, which allow us to acquire and manage top-tier assets and create value for our investors and shareholders.

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Our Story

Lynn Kay Corporation was formed in 1985 in Midland, Texas, as a multi-strategy, data-driven, and land-focused oil and gas firm. We are a premier oil and natural gas mineral and royalty asset management company that creates value for our stakeholders. We put our decades of knowledge and energy expertise to good use by investing in and managing top-tier assets and properties across the energy landscape. Since 1985, Lynn Kay Corp. has successfully acquired, managed, and developed over $20 million of total enterprise value across several asset portfolios.


Investment Approach

Lynn Kay Corp's investment approach aims to provide intelligent, conservative, and prudent energy exposure through a unique royalties-focused strategy. Our team is committed to delivering attractive yields and maximizing risk-adjusted net returns throughout all stages of the commodity cycle.

Impressive Track Record of Performance
Since 1985, we have delivered outstanding results and returns for our investment partners and shareholders. Our talented and motivated team prides itself on being a reliable and value-added partner that delivers an impressive return on investment.


Our Strategy

As a land-focused oil and gas company in Texas, we derive and create value from the ownership of low-cost and low-risk minerals. Lynn Kay Corporation creates value for owners of oil and gas properties and assets by providing liquidity for minimally producing, producing, or non-producing mineral assets and royalty assets.

We integrate a geologically and geographically diverse portfolio in order to provide excellent value for gas and oil rights and de-risking or minimize owners' concentrated economic exposure.


Work With Lynn Kay Corp

If you're a land owner, investor, or operating company and want to learn more about Lynn Kay Corporation and how we can work together to achieve mutual goals, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Lynn Kay Corp is always interested in meeting and working with new land owners, developing our network, and determining creative and unique ways to partner with other entities and professionals in the industry.

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